ACESACES - Fine Pitch, high precision connectors and cables for computers, communications, and other equipment, plus RF / EMI solutions.www.acesconn.comFuture Electronics
C&KC&K - C&K Switches, now a part of Littelfuse, is a leader in high-quality electromechanical switches. C&K offers more than 55,000 standard products and 8.5 million switch combinations. Products include pushbutton, snap-acting, toggle, rocker, detect, DIP, keyswitch, navigation, rotary, slide, switchlock, thumbwheel, smart card readers, high-rel connectors and custom assemblies.www.ckswitches.comAllied, Arrow, Digikey, Future Electronics, Hawk, Master Electronics, Mouser, Newark, Online Components, Sager, TTI
Cap-XXCap-XX - CAP-XX is a world leader in the design and manufacture of thin, flat supercapacitors and energy management systems used in portable and small-scale electronic devices.www.cap-xx.comKessler Batteries, Tecate Industries
CoherentCoherent - Formerly II-VI and Finisar, global leader in materials, networking, and lasers. Technology leader in fiber optic transceivers, Single Wave SFF, SFP, GBIC, XFP, 1-9; WDM GBIC and SFP; Passive products, and optical amplifiers, specialized materials. www.coherent.comArrow, ASI, Avnet, Digikey, EPS, Mouser, Phoenics
CUI DevicesCUI Devices - Audio, Interconnect, Motion, Relays, Sensors, Switches, Thermal Management

www.cuidevices.comArrow, Digikey, Future Electronics, Master Electronics, Mouser, Online Components
e-con Systemse-con Systems - Leading OEM camera solution provider with a wide global footprint. We provide end-to-end camera solutions like MIPI camera modules, GMSL cameras, USB 3.1 Gen 1 cameras, stereo cameras, and
EpsonEpson - Epson is the world's largest supplier of timing devices, with a broad portfolio of crystals, oscillators, and real-time-clock (RTC) products. Also accelerometers, gyroscopic sensors, and semiconductors for LCD display, Digikey, Dove, Future Electronics, Mouser
LantronixLantronix - Provider of hardware and software solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT) and Out of Band Management (OOBM), including System on Modules (SoM), Single Board Computers, Development Kits (Qualcomm Snapgragon, etc) and much more.www.lantronix.comArrow, Digikey, Mouser, RichardsonRFPD, Symmetry Electronics
Lattice SemiconductorLattice Semiconductor - Low Power FPGAs (General Purpose & Optimized), Video ASSPs, Security, Intellectual Property, Reference Designs and Demos, Development Kits & Boards, and Software Toolswww.latticesemi.comArrow, Digikey, Future Electronics, Mouser
LittelfuseLittelfuse - Over-voltage and over-current protection surge protection products, SIDACtor, Thyristor, fuses, Varistors, power semiconductors, high-voltage MOSFETs and IGBTs, Silicon Carbide, IGBT Moduleswww.Littelfuse.comArrow, Digikey, Fuses Unlimited, Future Electronics, Hughes Peters, Mouser, Newark, TTI
MicronMicron - DRAM, Solid State Drives (SSD), Parallel and Serial NOR, NAND, Managed NAND solutions such as eMMC, Parallel & Serial NOR, DRAM (SDRAM to DDR5), Discrete and managed NANDwww.micron.comArrow, Avnet, Digikey, Edge Electronics, Mouser, Newark, Phoenics, Synnex, WPG Americas
MPS - Monolithic Power SystemsMPS - Monolithic Power Systems - Innovative proprietary technology processes, we thrive on re-imagining and re-defining the possibilities of high-performance power solutions in industrial applications, telecom infrastructures, cloud computing, automotive, and consumer applications.www.monolithicpower.comAvnet, Digikey, Future Electronics, Mouser, Newark, WPG Americas
NexperiaNexperia - Low voltage automotive and industrial MOSFETS, Bipolar transistors, Diodes, GaN FETs, Analog & Logic Icswww.nexperia.comArrow, Avnet, Digikey, Farnell, Future Electronics, Mouser, Newark, Rochester, TTI
QualcommQualcomm - Cellular Modems, IC's for Bluetooth & WiFi, RF Components, Snapdragon Processorswww.qualcomm.comArrow, Digikey
SensirionSensirion - The Sensor Company - Sensirion is the world's leading manufacturer of digital microsensors and, Arrow, Digikey, Farnell, Future Electronics, Mouser, Newark, RS Components, Rutronik, Symmetry Electronics
Spectrum ControlSpectrum Control - Designed to solve complex problems in signal modulation and transmission, Spectrum Control (formerly APITech) solutions enable high quality product performance in the military and government, space, commercial, aerospace, security, medical, industrial and communications industries.www.apitech.comArmbar Industries, Arrow, Aschbacher & Associates, Metuchen Capacitors, Mouser, RFMW, Ltd., RichardsonRFPD, TTI
TadiranTadiran - The world’s #1 manufacturer of ultra-long-life lithium batteries for industrial applications.www.tadiranbat.comAllied, Digikey, EVS Supply, Future Electronics, Mouser, Newark, Sager
TaoglasTaoglas - Advanced Antenna & Next Generation IoT Solutionswww.taoglas.comArrow, Avnet, Digikey, Future Electronics, Master Electronics, Mouser, Newark, RichardsonRFPD, Sager, Symmetry Electronics, Synnex
ThreeFive DisplaysThreeFive Displays - Three Five is a USA supplier of display systems and human interface solutions for commercial, industrial devices, including Active Color TFT, Mono Passive LCD, OLED, Monitor Solutions, and Touch Screenswww.threefivedisplays.comArrow
u-bloxu-blox - Cellular chips and modules, short-range radio modules, positioning chips and modules, and services such as IoT Communication-as-a-Service, IoT Location-as-a-Service, and IoT Security-as-a-Servicewww.u-blox.comArrow, Avnet, Digikey, Future Electronics, Mouser, RichardsonRFPD, Symmetry Electronics